Guide To Buying Electric Toothbrush

The electric toothbrush should be easy to hold and easy to operate, with simplified controls that do not require a lot of engineering to maneuver. The size and movement of the head should make it easy enough to manipulate the brush inside the mouth. A two minutes timer with each interval lasting for 30 seconds is essential for electric toothbrushes since their main purpose is to prompt the user to brush for two minutes. Other feature like an available charging stand and a case may not be quite necessary but might come in handy depending on the lifestyle of the customer and availability of storing space. Reviews of the best electric toothbrush 2017 can be found by clicking on the active link. Below is a detailed guideline on what to look for when choosing the right electric toothbrush to buy.

Buying Electric Toothbrush

How Often You Travelman brushing his teeth

If you are a regular traveler, get an electric toothbrush that is accessorized with a case. Uncovered toothbrushes attract germs at a very high rate, and this could lead to a series of serious gum disease and other infections. Jet-setters should also keep the toothbrush’s battery longevity and portability of the chargers in mind when purchasing this tool. For regular travelers, smaller water flossers and electric toothbrushes are recommended for easier transportation.

Performance and Durability

An electric toothbrush should run consistently and smoothly with proper warning to the user to change quadrants, without any surges and hitches. When purchasing, be keen on the water flossier to make sure that it does not leak or spray from the nozzle, connector or handle. Although the toothbrushes come with a replaceable head and jet picks, it is important to go for a tool that has durability guarantee to avoid constant replacement costs. However, it is also important to replace the brush heads every three months, and the jet picks after every six months.

The Power source

Electric toothbrushes are often rechargeable, but some newer models operate on standard batteries. Battery operated toothbrushes are relatively cheaper and more portable. However, rechargeable toothbrushes have been reviewed with better ratings. Some of the rechargeable models come with charging stands while the rest use a cord to plug the toothbrush directly to a power source. The former are gentler for sensitive gums and teeth and very portable when traveling while the latter are more powerful and bulkier.

Compatibility on the Electric Toothbrush

For children, smaller brush heads are necessary. Some adults also have problems maneuvering around large brush heads in their mouths. For such cases, it is important to get a toothbrush that has an option for a more compact head. Massage brushes are much smaller as compared to regular daily brush toothbrushes.

The Design and Setting of the Toothbrush

two tooth brushThe design of the toothbrush might be a major factor to you if your toothbrush’s charging stand will be sitting on the bathroom counter. Most electric toothbrushes have different brushing modes including massage mode, brushing mode, and sensitive mode. These modes are essential to people who would love quick brushing especially when they are a bit short on time. Some electronic toothbrushes have been further upgraded and advanced with additional modes, for example, teeth whitening and specialized gum care.

Rhonda Grayson