How To Be A Great Leader

Becoming a leader is not a talent that just a few are born with. It is a skill that can be acquired with good and effective training. It is more about what you do as opposed to what you know. There are quite a number of things that you can do to as part of your training to make yourself a better leader. A few of them have been highlighted below.

How to become a better leader

Learn to keep promisesbecome a better leader

Always ensure that you think carefully about all the promises you wish to make before you make them. If you areĀ unsure of delivering a promise, refrain from making it. An unfulfilled promise is one of the things that quickly kill credibility. Other promises can be a bit challenging to keep, but you must always find a way to deliver. The commitment helps to develop integrity and discipline. Ensure you practice this with your employees, kids, and any other person irrespective of the social position they hold.

Dress accordingly

Great leaders always dress to influence as opposed to dressing to impress. In other words, you must make sure that your professional and personal brand is reflected in your appearance. Your aspirations should help paint a picture of how you would appear to others. If possible, apply your appearance to not only yourself but to your company as well. It will help promote business identity.

Treat your team well

Ensure that you treat your team in the exact way that you would expect them to treat customers. To be a great leader, you have to lead by example. It would be hypocritical if you treat them in one way and expect them to treat others in another way. Servant leadership is not about being servile but rather supporting employees in an endeavor to make them successful.

Ask for feedback

Do not wait for feedback to get to you. Ask for it. If you get any feedback that is not solicited, do not take it as criticism. View it as a great opportunity to learn something. Your employees might never get brave enough to give negative feedback so you might have to find effective ways knowing their true opinion. For example, you can ask their opinion on what an ideal leader should do as per their opinions, ensuring that they will not feel incriminated in any way.