The Benefits Of Using Vegan Handmade Candles

flower and candlesCandles are used to create a fresh scent, romantic glow, relaxing ambiance and evoke particular moods in rooms or homes. However, what you may not know is that most conventional candles are made of harmful ingredients such as paraffin, lead, benzene, parabens, and toluene, among other artificial scents that are associated with allergies, asthma attacks, lung cancer and eczema. It is for this reason that alternative candles, such as vegan handmade candles, are now becoming more popular. These candles still serve the same purpose as conventional candles, but one of their major advantages is that they are more environmentally friendly because they are made from plant produce and not like conventional candles made from oil products. Therefore if you have never tried vegan homemade candles, it is time to go for them.

What you should know about vegan handmade candles

Environmental and health friendly

light up candleThese candles are made in re-usable containers and have lead-free cotton wicks. When the candle burns out, the container can be reused. This means that you only need to purchase the vegetable wax and wicks then make the candle on your own at home. That is why they are called vegan handmade candles. The wick also is lead-free thus the candle does not produce toxic fumes that cause health problems like it is the case for conventional candles. The vegan handmade candles are safe for use around food, pets and people – no toxic fumes/soot and no allergies. The process of making these candles is also easy and environmentally friendly. It does not involve extraction or burning of oils like it is for conventional candles.

Renewable and sustainable

Vegan handmade candles are completely renewable and sustainable. The main reason for this is because these candles are produced from natural plants. There is no limit to growing plants hence the supply of these candles is unlimited. This is a major advantage of vegan handmade candles over conventional candles that are produced from oils, which are limited resources. Therefore as long as we continue growing plants, we are sure of producing plant wax and making vegan candles.

They burn for longer

Vegan candles burn 30-50% longer than conventional candles. In most cases, a single vegan candle can burn for 35 hours continuously. The candles are made from plant wax, which burns cooler and longer. Thus these candles are long lasting.three candles

They are homemade

Vegan candles can be easily made at home using very simple materials. The only essential materials you need to make vegan candles are planted wax, lead-free or cotton wick, candle jar, scented oil of your choice, small towel, and a stirring rod. The instructions to make the candles are very simple and easy to follow.

Helene Avina