The Ideal Weight Loss Diet to Try Out

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When it comes to losing weight, nutrition experts often agree that following a balanced diet and doing some sport is essential to be successful. However, a question that often accompanies those who want to lose weight is what are the best foods and drinks to lose weight. You can come up with a proper cutting diet plan that will help you shed excessive weight within a short period.

There are no miracle foods. That is, by eating a certain food or quenching your thirst with a specific drink, you will not be able to lose weight directly. It is also necessary that the rest of the foods are not excessively caloric, completing a healthy diet, and exercising more or less regularly.

weight lossOne of the food groups that cannot be missing from any diet are cucurbits. It is a group of fruits and vegetables where we find foods such as pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, melon. All of them hardly contribute calories to the body and, in addition, have many other properties.

Food to Lose Weight


Many of the cucurbits are rich in vitamin A and fiber, which helps the body take longer to digest them and, therefore, increases the burning of calories. To achieve this, metabolism has to be accelerated, which is closely related to weight loss according to many studies that have been done over the last few years.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Another of the good food groups for weight loss are green leafy vegetables. Most people don’t like them because of their color. However, they admit that they are essential in any weight loss process, since they are low in calories and, in addition, have many other properties. Green leafy vegetables are very rich in fiber. They activate the metabolism to burn more calories. They are also satiating, which will make you feel less hungry between meals and, therefore, have less chances of succumbing to cravings, causing you to eat less and ingest fewer calories.

Ginger and Garlic

weight loss mealYour diet cannot be without two very simple and, at the same time, very healthy condiments: ginger and garlic . Both are low-calorie foods that, in addition to their culinary properties and providing a unique flavor, help reduce cholesterol levels, are anti-inflammatory and fight chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Weight Loss Drinks

One of the first tricks to lose weight is to eliminate sugary drinks. That is why the first drink that all experts recommend taking during a weight loss process is water. In addition to keeping us hydrated, water is responsible for keeping cravings at bay without the need to ingest calories.  The green tea is another drink that contains antioxidants that activate the immune system, but also help speed up metabolism, burning more fat. You can also try citrus drinks.